Three color backlighting 

Child/adult body temperature gun

Green backlight 32~37.3 ℃ (Normal)

Orange Backlight 37.4~38 ℃ (On the high side)

Red backlight 38.1`39.1 ℃ (Fever)

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Air Purifier

Refresh your lungs

The deteriorating air quality in our cities, at home, and work has brought us here. If you want to breathe pure, clean air, read further.

Efficient Air Purification 

Within an hour of switching on the purifier, a typical area of coverage 1500-1750 sq.ft. (depending on location) is delivered with fresh, clean, odorless, and allergen-free air approx 99.97% of pollutants removed.

Rugged and heavy-duty

Rugged steel body with ergonomic design for heavy-duty operation and continuous problem-free usage


Air O'Pure is equipped with carbon filters that absorb all the odours and delivers clean and odourless air to the surrounding 

Easy Maintenance

Air O'Pure is not complicated to operate and maintain. The front panel can easily be removed to clean the surface and keep the unit hygienic. The Pre-Filter, Carbon Filter, and HEPA filters are easily replaceable.

Send masks to healthcare workers without leaving your house

Air Opure is committed to the fight against COVID-19

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Fragrant Mister

Surface Antibacterial Spray

- Ready to use a fragrant antibacterial spray

- Three in one - Germicidal, Room freshener, and Insect Repellent

- Ideal for daily use to disinfect hard/soft surfaces/packages

- Does not stain fabric/soft furnishing

- May be lightly sprayed on fabric before pressing

- Safe for contact with humans and all surfaces

- Non-inflammable biodegradable & eco-friendly


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a surgical mask and a respirator?

    An N95 respirator is not a mask. Certain disposable filtering facepiece particulate respirators (like N95s) are similar in appearance to many surgical/procedure masks. Healthcare workers use surgical masks to help protect the patient and sterile field from particles from the healthcare worker as well as to help protect the healthcare workers from high-pressure streams of blood. Respirators contain filter media and form a seal to the face and are designed to help reduce the wearer’s exposure to airborne particles, including droplets that may contain bacteria and viruses.

  • MODEL AAP-01
    Air flow 290 m3/hr
    Typical room area 450 sq.ft. (depending on location)
    Indication Power ON Green LED indication
    Working mode Automatic
    Motor Single phase AC motor
    Air flow type Centrifugal suction type
    Filters Used Pre-Filter (305x305x04) for large Particulate Matters
    Carbon Filter (305x305x15) to remove Odor
    HEPA Filter (305x305x25) For PM 0.3 to PM 2.5
    Power supply 220V AC ± 10%, 50Hz
    Power consumption <30 W
    Noise level 20 db
    Power socket 5 AMPS with Earthing
    Dimension (mm) 520(H)x360(W)x180(D)
    Gross Weight 10.5 Kg

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